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The Basic Information Every Small Town Needs For Retail Economic Development

The definition of a small town varies depending on where you grew up or where you currently live but when it comes to retail economic development the definition of a small town is pretty simple. A small town is a place where there is nowhere to shop or eat.

For towns looking to improve their shopping and restaurant options, it can be overwhelming, confusing and depressing for a host of varied reasons. Getting a basic understanding of where a town currently stands and a black and white explanation of why they cannot get any kind of retail momentum is the first step in that process.

Figuring out where to get that kind of information, along with finding some way to pay for it is the first hurdle in that process. This is also the point where most small towns decide that they literally cannot afford to move forward on a plan of how to grow their retail profile.

R.E.D City Planning is now offering every small town a starting point for growth at a price any city can afford. For a price point of $1,500 - $2,500 depending on the size of your city we can give your town the basics every city needs to start moving in the right direction.

A. Up To Date Demographics

A full demographic profile of your community with a report on what numbers matter most to retailers and what your city can do to be more attractive to retailers and restaurants.

B. Key Property Highlights

A report spotlighting your cities key real estate assets and the highest and best uses of those properties.

C. Overall Market Summary

A summary of your city and its surrounding area. Discover where people in your city are shopping and how much tax revenue your town is missing out on.

D. Retail Masterplan Outline

With all the previous information gathered, we can begin to form an outline of a retail master plan. This will include some step by step measures for creating new retail and restaurants in your community.

This study gives every town a clear picture of where they stand and some practical and simple steps for how to begin moving forward. For some town's it will be worth taking a closer and more detailed look for a more in-depth plan of action but for most small town's this simple and very affordable tool will give them what they need to begin implementing some effective measures immediately

Contact R.E.D City Planning and let us get your small town moving forward quickly, cheaply and effectively today.

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