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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Growth for many cities starts with visitors. When those travelers have no viable options for places to stay the potential loss to a cities economy and future growth is devastating.

Hotel companies like many national retailers have targeted markets where they intend to grow. However, the readiness of a market to sustain a new hotel is not as easy to determine as say a fast food chain. A cities ability to sustain a hotel or more hotels requires some in-depth research.

Having that kind of information on hand can make a big difference in convincing a hotel brand or franchisee that your city is holding pent-up potential. R.E.D City can produce a full hotel viability study that is affordable for your town. We can also help your city take the next step in marketing your city to new hotels with the information that tells them your city is ready to grow.

Not all markets are ready for a new hotel but understanding why a town is not there yet makes it possible to target those decencies with a plan of action.

New people seeing what your town has to offer is vital. Having a nice new place for people on business in the area is just as important. Contact us today to get more information.

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