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Take a complete inventory of businesses and how they are doing economically in real-time.

Prioritize those businesses by their importance to the overall quality of life to the city and how much help they will need to survive.

Take quick, personal, and decisive action to make sure the businesses at the top of the priority list keep their doors open.

       1. Negotiate with their landlord for rent abatement and other concessions.

       2. Low-interest loans from City, County, or Public-Private Partnerships. 

       3. Find ways to help them overcome the current staffing crisis for many retailers and restaurants.

       4. Consider almost any reasonable solution to prevent a building from going dark.  

       5. Work with the Landlords of vacated buildings to help them release the space.

STEP 1:  Damage Assesment
STEP 2: Emergency Action
STEP 3: Longrange Planning.

Do not consider Coivd or the economic shutdown of 2020 a one-time thing.  This kind of pandemic crisis could become something that happens more and more often. Take the lessons learned from this crisis and apply them to future planning by prioritizing planning items that are great on their own but become vital during a pandemic.

       1. Have a plan for streets to be converted into outdoor dining areas that at certain times so restaurants can share. Test it and then use it regularly.

       2. Prioritize more green-space and open-air venues downtown.

These are just a few examples but the goal for future planning should be to put a priority on action items that are great additions to any city but that also make your city more resilient should a similar crisis occur.

Details / Timeline / Pricing


Community Assessment and Recovery Plan -  Day 1 - 30

Intensive 30 Day Hands On Plan Implementation -  Day 30 - 60

Long-range Community Economic Resiliency Plan - Delivered by day 90


$25,000 - $35,000 Depending On Size And Location Of Client City

(Cost is all inclusive. Half of the payment will be received at contract signing and half upon

delivery of Economic Resiliency Plan.)

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