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R.E.D CITY PLANNING is the product of the owner, Adam Chandler's experience in both retail development and consulting on behalf of cities.  Adam's time working in different markets made it obvious that simply marketing the available property to national chains was not an effective way to actually help cities achieve growth in retail development.  Experience has shown that each market needs a unique set of actionable solutions combined with a consistent and professional marketing campaign that targets the right retailers.

What most markets are hoping for when it comes to Retail Economic Development is the large power center or new chain grocery store. Cities and city leaders are hoping for a brand new development that produces new tax revenue while also giving the community a sense of belonging on a national level. The retail landscape in America is changing very rapidly and for small to mid-market towns, this level of national chain retail is a long way off.

The Idea of R.E.D CITY PLANNING is about showing cities what can be done now. Then prepare a plan of action and facilitating those actions to take advantage of what a city can do to improve things immediately, while simultaneously marketing the best commercial properties to the most likely candidates.

There is no cookie-cutter all-purpose action plans or marketing scheme that can be made to fit each city. There is no magic demographic data or new mapping technique that will shape the growth of the city for the better. Solving city retail woes requires someone with experience. Someone who is willing to take the time to fully understand every aspect of a city, the good and the bad. Someone who is then committed to being there to help city leaders follow through on the plans created from that understanding to begin seeing immediate results while working toward big long-term goals. Educating city leaders and citizens on how retail development works and how they can help it thrive.





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Adam Chandler has worked in the world of commercial real estate and development for over 20 years with Realtylink, LLC based in Greenville, SC. 


Adam has worked with many cities as a subcontractor for city planners and retail recruitment firms and developed a unique perspective working in both the public and private sector of multi family and retail real estate development.


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